The One... The Only... The Amazing... A "Stop Sucking On My Blanket!" Device
Cats Suck!
Cats Suck!
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What is a Catsifier??? A pillow cover with a faux fur cat and nipples - just like momma cat!

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Cats...if they’re not shredding your couch or totally ignoring you, they are probably sucking on your blankets. This Catsifier™ should help your blanket may even minimize the couch shredding, but as for the ignoring...sorry, you’re on your own.


Very often cats and kittens will suck on blankets, earlobes etc. This is usually the result of them having been taken from their mothers too soon.

The sucking comforts them and is similar to a child sucking his thumb.  We have come up with a solution that will allow them the comforts that they love and allow you to keep your blankets dry.


Newborn and young animals feel the need to suckle just as human infants do, but they will usually suck on blankets, etc., that are in the home - causing wetness and uncomfortable conditions for the people that share their lives.

Since sucking is a natural instinct for kittens and other small animals, there should be a safe way for them to fulfill this need without ruining or otherwise degrading furnishings in one's home.


The Catsifier™ is basically an animal pacifier.  It consists of a high quality pillow and a zippered, removable pillow cover with a faux fur cat sewn to one side.  There are four nipples securely attached to the furry cat, which allows the kitten or other young animal to comfortably and safely satisfy the need to suck without damaging home furnishings and decor.


The Catsifier™ is intended as a place for your cat to relax - to knead, suckle and unwind after a long day of prowling and doing what cats do. However, a pinch of catnip may be placed inside the pillow cover for a little more excitement!

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